The art & science behind FPT

Market data from every tick (including price, volume, momentum and elapsed time) is collected for the entire history of the ES futures contract. Quantitative analysis techniques such as Fourier transforms are used to sort and filter the tick-by-tick data in search of infinitely repeating patterns or fractals. These fractals are geometric structures that exhibit patterns that repeat indefinitely. In financial data, observations of price, volume, momentum and elapsed time reveal fractals, when using the right tools. All fractals detected are classified, ranked and weighted in order to come up with a so-called ‘key fractal’. Once such a key fractal is detected it will act as a ‘Fractal Pattern’ for our trading as we project forward that pattern using its inherently recurring probability distribution. The end result is a Fractal Pattern Trade, i.e. clear, concise and explicit information about what trade our system suggests placing and when. To our knowledge no one else uses similar algorithms, which have been refined and perfected for nearly three decades. With advanced math and statistics we have been able to create a system that has consistently outperformed our competitors. Before the market open (at 08:30 CME Chicago time) we run our systems, setting in motion a unique piece of software that analyzes and projects our expected moves for that specific trading day. Although the trade signals generated may look counter-intuitive, we always make the trade. We are unemotional, systematic and immune to market conjecture. Fractal Pattern Trades have been used by hedge funds and prop trading desks since many years, and now this product is also made available to you.


About FPT

If you are trading based on financial news, you have to look back. At FPT we prefer to look ahead, anticipating what is coming. Founded by a group of traders with a passion for math, markets and money, our trade alert service is based on unique algorithms that intuitively detect and predict patterns in the market. Amazingly accurate, each market forecast is systematic, unemotional and data-driven – resulting in specific entry and exit points and historically astounding gains over more than 25 years of trading the most liquid markets.

FPT is the only trading advisory service that gives you advance warnings of potential market position changes with precise and detailed trade instructions so that you can prepare, not react. Our trading analysis is not reactive or news-driven but strictly proactive and price data-driven. And unlike our competitors, we place the exact same trades that we alert you to based on the exact same trade signals that you received. All FPT signals are sent directly and instantly to our subscribers via a proprietary software tool (FPTC) well in time before we need to make the trades. And every single trade signal (with a timestamp in CME Chicago time) is tracked and followed from entry to exit and fully documented with detailed brokerage statements. We are the only service that will give you advance warning of our trade alerts so that you can prepare, not react.

If you share our passion for math, markets and money, we invite you to take your trading to a new level: simply fill out the form to start a subscription to our Fractal Pattern Trading signals and enjoy the same experience as we do: apply math to the markets to make money.


FPT gives subscribers Real Signals, Real Trades and Real Money

Our FPT signals are indeed 'real' signals and this in 3 ways:

1. REAL as in real-time: generated well in advance of the market reaching the indicated trade level. We send clear, concise and complete trading instructions. No 'after the fact' signals generated with 20/20 hindsight with us.  Only real signals.

2. REAL as in really tradable and really traded: not only are our signals executable but they are also executed, i.e. traded. Of course, not every single signal will lead to an actual trade: sometimes the market never reaches the indicated price levels, at other times signals get cancelled because our system detects a change in market conditions and it will issue a 'cancel signal' message. But for all the trade signals that resulted into actual trades we will provide proof of the order execution by showing actual brokerage statements documenting the real, exact trades based on the FPT signals sent out. And you will see all FPT trades, no more, no less. What we don't show are hypothetical, back-tested, pie-in-the-sky, 'coulda-whoulda-shoulda' trades.  Only real trades.

3. REAL as in real money: we also show the end result, the bottom-line outcome of following our FPT signals from start to finish. Our brokerage statements reveal all of our FPT activity: the good and the bad trades, the beautiful and the ugly, with only one purpose: showing you the real value of FPT in real money terms. In other words, under the 'Performance' tab you can explore and analyze the results that we have achieved by trading in our brokerage account the exact same FPT alerts that you receive from us: the real time signals leading to real trades and, ultimately, to real money. This is what our passion for math & markets can result in for you. No hypothetical, fictitious or paper profits.  Only real money.


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